Interior decorators are entering a new era in Silk Flowers.  The charm of these designer floral arrangements has become increasingly popular, as they offer many advantages over fresh flowers.  Silk floral arrangements provide brilliant value, in comparison to fresh flowers. Although the initial cost may be similar or more, live flowers will have to be replaced within days. People like the fact that silk flowers stay vibrant and fresh-looking for years to come.  Their durability, low maintenance, and lack of allergens make them the number one choice for interior decorating.

Beautiful silk flowers in a decorator’s artistic hands could turn a home from bleak into chic. Silk by Designs floral designers use silk flowers, foliage and other floral accessories to create a perfect experience for its customers.  Although the art of floral arrangement encompasses many ideologies, there are a few tips that could help you chose the perfect arrangement for your home.


Scale and Structure

The scale of your silk arrangement is very important.  It deals with the proportions of different components of the floral arrangement. Your interior decor should dictate to your silk flower arrangement size and structure. For more traditional decorated homes, go with bigger and denser arrangements and for more contemporary home designs, a looser sculptural arrangement should work.


Floral arrangements should not match your interior, instead it should complement and harmonise your home decor.  For example, if your home design is a palette of soft pink it’s better to choose a stronger shade of pink to create depth. Adding a spike of colour to a serene interior can keep the eye interested and vice-versa.


 Keep your silk flowers seasonal.  Decorating with silk seasonal flowers, keeps your home trendy.  Seasonal decorating is a great way to change the décor of your home and keep it fresh.


Position your silk flowers in areas where you spend most of your time in which they can be enjoyed fully. Big silk flower arrangements can divide a large room into two sections.  You can place a large silk floral design on your entrance table. Smaller designs can be placed along your dining table, in your living areas and on bedside tables for the perfect touch.

Silk flowers inspire an instant lift to ones mood and add interest to any room. It helps bring a sense of softness and texture to a home that can be filled with hard surfaces.  Silk floral arrangements can be a way to draw attention to features of an interior.  These tips will help you take your home to a whole new level.


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