Why choose artificial plants for your interior landscaping installation?

It’s no secret that with today’s urban majority spending more and more time indoors (over 90% in some cases) and away from nature, that there is a growing desire to have internal spaces mirror the natural world. This sense of nature can be achieved through clever interior design choices including using natural and neutral paint colours, raw wood and stone finishes, as well as including both natural and artificial interior landscaping installations. While live plants can be great in certain situations, often times artificial plants are simply the best way to go…

Artificial plants are almost maintenance free

While it’s said that there is no such thing as a free lunch, maintaining artificial plants is just about as close as it gets when it comes to interior landscaping. Not only is the cost of maintaining an artificial garden extremely low, it also requires very little effort with only occasional dusting and cleaning required.

Artificial plants look great all year round

Artificial plants have one great advantage over their live counterparts, that is simply their longevity. Interior live plants usually look great for the first few weeks (or days) after they have been planted, but it usually doesn’t take long for this initial honeymoon period to wear off, particularly if the plants are located in an area with poor light or ventilation or where it is difficult to properly service. And even if an interior garden is well maintained and survives for a few months, it’s usually only a matter of time or the changing of the seasons before certain plants begin to wither & die.

Artificial plants don’t attract pests or cause allergies

Because artificial plants are made of synthetic material, the chances of them attracting pests and vermin are much lower than with live plants. Furthermore, artificial plants are great for areas where allergies may be an issue, particularly public spaces.

So if you are looking to redesign or redecorate your home, office, or hotel lobby, and are thinking of doing some interior landscaping, why not consider artificial trees and plants and go green all year long.

At Silk by Design we carry a wide range of artificial trees, plants, and flowers and would be happy to quote you for a bespoke design. Contact us at or check out our catalogue at for more.

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