There are still many misconceptions around silk and artificial flowers and in fact many people would never think of choosing them over the live ones. In the past artificial flowers often looked tacky and cheap and were made from frail materials which could fray and lose colour, but thanks to technological advances, these flowers now look incredible and can be used to provide beauty and set the mood in our homes, offices and establishments. Here is our guide to breaking the misconception of artificial flowers.


Artificial flowers are look tacky

For years fake flowers have sat somewhere between doily’s and plastic couch covers on the tackiness scale.  We have always envisioned silk flowers to be placed in an unfortunate corner of our great aunt’s house, collecting dust.  Imitation is always seen as tacky. In most instances it is, but with modern silk flowers, this does not apply.  Silk flowers can now be compared to real flowers on both price and quality.  Remember that they’re priced differently than real flowers not just because they never wither, but because they look and feel so realistic.  Even your guest won’t know the difference.


Artificial flowers are expensive

People assume that silk flowers are too expensive, however this is not the case when you consider their many benefits.  In comparison to real flowers, the price of silk flowers may seem higher, but when you calculate your savings over time, and add in the fact that you will never have to add water or throw them out, it all adds up to maximum savings.


They’re not well-made

Today’s silk flowers are made with the purpose of looking realistic. They are perfectly imperfect. Each element is moulded to replicate a real flower with all its flaws.  Each silk flower is individually dyed to get the perfect colour. Technology has helped to advance the durability of silk flowers, which make them last longer.


Artificial flower selections are limited

Many assume that there are limited silk flower arrangements and that they do not vary in sizes, shapes and colours.  It is evident that the silk flower industry is rapidly making changes.  Silk flower manufactures are now replicating almost every real-life flower and, in the process, breaking the misconception of artificial flowers.


Have a look at some of Silk by Designs flowers below:


Mixed Tulip Arrangement

Artificial Flowers


Cream Rose Arrangement

Artificial Flowers

Mixed Hydrangea & Rose Arrangement

Artificial Flowers

Mixed Rose & Peony Arrangement

Artificial Flowers

Mixed Snapdragon & Peony Arrangement

 Artificial Flowers

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