How To Clean Artificial Office Plants

Swathes of greenery with splashes of stunning in-season flora are welcome sights in any office environment. Whether it’s a silk flower arrangement on a reception desk or a full greenery wall, we feel at ease around natural colours and shapes. Artificial office plants look exactly like the real deal, but they won’t ever wilt or require watering. What they will need is light cleaning from time to time, so here’s how to clean artificial office plants the right way:

How do office plants get dirty?

Dust and dirt love to make their homes on the surfaces of artificial plants. The synthetic materials attract dust particles in the air. After a while, your fresh and vibrant-looking office plants end up looking a bit off colour. Dirt can also leave artificial office plants lacking lustre, and certain soiling can even stain the plant. For this reason, we recommend exercising regular light cleaning and scheduling dedicated deep cleaning days to keep your artificial plants looking fabulous while staying on top of the dust and dirt build-up.

5 tips for cleaning your artificial office plants

  • Dust plants regularly

The best way to keep your artificial office plants dust and dirt build-up free is to dust them off regularly. Two to three times a week will do the trick, but dusting them every day would be first prize. If you dust plants off regularly, you won’t have to set aside as much time for deep cleaning.

  • Deep clean twice a year

If you’re dusting regularly, you only really need to deep clean office plants once every six months. Deep cleaning will involve using one of the below methods to wet clean your plants – removing any dust and dirt from spots where a feather duster can’t get into. Check with your artificial office plant supplier to see if which plants you can safely expose to moisture.

  • The shower method

How to clean office plants in the shower? Using the spraying water from a shower head is a great way to rinse dust and dirt from your artificial plants. Wrap a plastic packet around the parts of your plant that shouldn’t get wet, and hold it tightly closed while suspending the plant under a warm stream of shower water for a minute.

  • The vinegar method

Sometimes grime and dirt build-up is more than what a shower of water can handle. Bring out the big guns by adding white vinegar and water to a spray bottle. Vinegar is able to cut through dirt easier than water, so get a really deep clean by carefully spraying your plant with vinegar and then wiping it dry with a cloth.

  • The hairspray method

Need to clean your artificial office plants in a hurry before the office photo shoot? If you’re time-strapped when trying to clean your plants, consider the hairspray method. Use a tin of hairspray to spray your dirty plant down. The compressed air will blast away any obvious dust and dirt particles, while leaving your plant with that just-been-cleaned sheen.

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