Spring Trends for 2017

When Spring arrives, an array of colour accompanies it and that has a great influence on the home decor, fashion and beauty worlds. Here are spring 2017’s hottest color trends:

Yellow – This is an extremely emotive colour, it is the colour of sunshine; hope; happiness; positivity; laughter;  energy; optimism; and enlightenment. It encourages creativity and confidence, as well as stimulating conversation and joy. If you want to add energy to a room and have a really positive reaction to it, then yellow is probably your best bet. Why not bless someone special in your life with one of our artificial silk flower arrangements. We have many yellow arrangements available, some examples being, our Dancing Orchid Arrangement and our Yellow Gladiolus Arrangement.

Orange – A colour that is highly energetic and it represents happiness; creativity; determination; attraction; success; encouragement; and stimulation. It has very interesting reactions, due to the fact that it can provoke feelings of happiness and stimulate mental activity, it works well for living rooms, studies, offices and so on. It is often used for children’s rooms because kids tend to respond to it very well. Based on this feedback, I think it is safe to say that featuring one of our Orange Tulip Arrangements; Orange Ranunculus Arrangements or an Orange Cattleya Orchid arrangement would do wonders!

Fuchsia – and the colour pink are colours that have nurturing properties, symbolize femininity and compassion. They also represent love and are naturally present during Spring. Use pink in spaces where you want to feel tenderness and safety, like a bedroom or living room. Why not feature a pretty Pink Tulip Arrangement or Pink Olive Rose Arrangement in your daughter’s room or your Boutique?

Aqua/ Blue – It is no wonder that blue is many people’s favourite color. It is used to create a spiritual environment and evokes a sense of calm. It symbolizes loyalty and trust. To encourage relaxation in social areas such as family rooms, living rooms or large kitchens, why not feature one of our Mixed Hydrangea Arrangements or our Blue Iris Mix Arrangements.

Green – It has calming effects when used as the main color for decorating. It is believed to relieve stress by helping people relax. It is also a color of nature, so, if you want to create a soothing environment, then adding green to the mix is a good idea. Why not bring nature into your space with one of our Areca Palms; Ficus Panda Bonsai Tree or go all out and decorate an entire wall with one of our new Vertical Gardens!


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