Vertical Gardens

What is a Vertical Garden?

It is only one of the biggest growing trends in urban landscaping. It’s a new and interesting way to grow a garden. A vertical garden is growing a garden in a vertical space such as a wall and any other bare structure rising from the floor or the ground. It can be as simple as a tier of stacked planters or as intricate as a high-rise wall completely covered in vegetation. Classic forms of vertical gardens include those created with trellises and arbors, but today’s modern vertical gardens have grown to incorporate a variety of ideas, techniques, and materials. Vertical gardens are quite compact making them the perfect solution for any gardener with minimum space requirements, allowing them to reconnect with nature in the comfort of their own space. It’s an innovative solution to the challenges that architects and developers are faced with, with cities becoming more and more crowded and gardening space is limited.

Vertical Gardens in your home:

Placing a vertical garden on a bare wall in your entrance hall or any wall in your home for that matter, will definitely be a conversation starter to anyone who visits your home, the green shades will encourage feelings of revitalization and renewal and the lushness of the foliage will help your guests feel reinvigorated, bringing about positive feelings. In fact, greenery was voted the Pantone of the year for 2017, with it being a refreshing and revitalizing shade, falling perfectly in line with the direction in which the decor world and overall global consciousness of being more aware of our environment and sustainable living. It seems to be prevalent that the more submerged people are in modern life, the greater their innate craving is to immerse themselves in the natural world.

Vertical Gardens in the corporate world:

Placing a vertical garden in your place of work is a great way for business owners to incorporate nature into their employees and their own lives at the office. Vertical Gardens are also one of the newest trends in the world of sustainable design and construction. A vertical garden is a great solution for city dwellers to enjoy nature since their busy lives don’t always allow them to spend time in nature. The vertical garden serves as a lush, green work of art in the midst of their concrete jungle. Green also represents the change that is occurring in our global culture and the change of attitude about our environment. The benefits don’t stop there, besides looking great, multiple studies have shown that plants can increase the well-being and productivity of employees, reduce stress and lift the mood of customers. The benefits of plants are not limited to fresh plants either with similar effects being reported in relation to artificial or silk plants too.

Silk by Design’s Vertical Gardens:

Silk by Design’s Artificial Vertical Garden System has been designed to be lifelike, customizable & easy to install. Each standard 1m² panel is supplied fully boxed, with mounting brackets & screws included, ready for simple installation on site. The range of standard designs is constantly evolving & can be customized by including or excluding particular shrubs or plants. Panels can be cut to size on site or pre-ordered to the required dimensions.

A Silk by Design Vertical Garden is virtually maintenance free, requiring only occasional cleaning once installed & is a cost-effective & attractive alternative to live green walls. While the entire range is suitable for indoor use, certain designs will be available soon that are UV resistant & thus suitable for exterior use too.

Below are Silk by Design’s Vertical Gardens:

Read more about Vertical Gardens and what the benefits of purchasing one can be:


Published on the 18th October 2017

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